Submissive Sissy

Anonymous said: So damm sexy👿 your are

Yes my sissy is! I a very lucky Miss.

I the lucky one Miss

sissyboicharlie said: Any chance you would make go into a convince store just to embarrass sissy?? I had that done and was a rush but scary

Not dressed no, well maybe if we were far away from home and nobody knew us. But sissy was sent to supermarket the other day plugged!

my-dirty-sxcret said: Thank you for the follow, love! xo, M

Happy to…..

littlejohn77 said: Hi Mistress how's your weekend

Not too bad. How’s yours?

littlejohn77 said: Do you know any places you could take sissy boy dogging and park make him play

Yes we know of a few places near by…..

ohhhh Miss

littlejohn77 said: Love watching him touch his little cock wonder what he thinks about to get him hard He will get seen one of these days how hot will that be Mistress

Think he be very careful to be sure he not seen. Unless we together then that be a very different story!

Mmmmm open up sissy
ohhhh yes Miss

Mmmmm open up sissy

ohhhh yes Miss

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littlejohn77 said: Bet your sissy boys heart was pounding Today's pictures we hot Mistress

Ohhh yes they were! My sissy so sexy. I such a lucky miss

littlejohn77 said: Sissy boy is quite a bit bigger than u isn't he so was probably pretty obvious not yours

Guess depends on how much they were paying attention… But would love to know

ohhh Miss

littlejohn77 said: Wonder how your sissy felt wonder if she knew they for sissy

Mmmmm yes I had that thought too