Submissive Sissy

littlejohn77 said: He will be very turned on I think. The humiliation will blow his his sissy mind

Ohhhhh yes! Can’t wait

littlejohn77 said: His sissy gurly cock for all to see

Mmmmmmm love to do

littlejohn77 said: Wonder how your sissy would feel and React

His heart will be racing

littlejohn77 said: Make sure he is wearing cute sissy little panties to slip off there

Ohhhhhh yes!

littlejohn77 said: Will you make your sissy show off his little cock

Ohhh hell yes!!

littlejohn77 said: What sort of beach Mistress

Just the normal beach today! But soon…

littlejohn77 said: Just home from work now

Nice, we been for a drive to the beach n back.

littlejohn77 said: Hi Mistress how are you

Very well thank you. Outside enjoying the beautiful weather we have here today! How about your self?

littlejohn77 said: You have him clean up his mess Mistress

He cum with his panties wrapped around his little cock

Very true sissy
i adore you Miss

Very true sissy

i adore you Miss

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